“This place, my friend, will be my worst nightmare.” The maiden revolted. They all gathered on the side porch, breathing heavily. “You’re next.” A voice said pointing on her direction. Then a hand volunteered and jumped. “Best day ever!!” he screamed, falling down 60 feet high.


Preferred by many as the “backyard tourism”, several things one can do even in an overnight stay in Puerto Galera. Located in the northern shore of Mindoro Island, the place is surrounded by mountains and jungles that comprise Mindoro’s few local villages. With its natural landscapes both in land and water, above and under water, are surely its tourism asset. Beaches, caves, forests, waterfalls, rivers, both named and unnamed with its dive sites that were very close to shore, its breezes and pounding waves can surely make one’s experience worthwhile.


According to tourists, water is the main attraction of the island. It was during summer months when they turn crystal clear and shimmers reflecting in the glittering sun. The sea frame is ideal for several water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, boat-sailing, surfing and scuba diving. Also are the Puerto’s sloping beaches that were tucked between massive rock formations-with its terrain of powder white sand, gritty dark sand, smooth stones and coral debris.


In addition to its water activities, Puerto Galera is known for its top water sport: scuba diving. The channel between Puerto Galera and Verde Island is known internationally as ‘the center of the center of the marine biodiversity’, according to American scientists. Moreover, just a kilometer away from the coast, one can already see schools of fish weave in especially in Sabang.  Also found species of starfish-in colors red and white resting on the white sandy floor-thus, making its underwater world a favorite among dive enthusiasts.


Aside from water tricks, several land activities also do. For landlubbers, pitching tents on seashores is a fun activity. Simply having one’s ‘house’ aside from their hotel stays. Also, one can go beach hopping, light bonfires, toss a Frisbee or play volleyball on the Puerto’s fine sand. One can also go rock-climbing or hiking of the place’s amazing rock formations and mountainous surroundings. Also is to ride a motorcycle and discover more of Oriental Mindoro’s tourist spots. Or if not, one can simply close eyes, lie down the fine white sand, and sigh as the echoes of breeze and waves whisper.



When the sun is at its peak, nightlife begins. Neon lights are on and bonfires start. Tourists also do stargazing or if not, drink wine at designated bars and restaurants along the shores.


Puerto Galera provides quality service for both non and local tourists.  They provide numerous accommodations and medical care for visitors. Mostly, family-run cottages and hotel rooms are available, of all categories. The Puerto’s accommodations vary from small beach huts that were commonly made of rattan and bamboo to comfortable luxury bungalows with kitchen facilities. However, those beachfront spaces were more expensive than those further inland.


Looking back, one can hardly let go. Gazing longingly at the natural landscapes and bright lights, walking out of the powdered white sand of Oriental Mindoro’s shoreline, no one leaves sad as of the idea of coming back again.

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