“You are having a regular dinner meal at a certain restaurant in your city. As you walk down the highway, you see a food advertisement postcard that you think tastes very good. You want to try it but instead, you go to your favorite restaurant for dinner. As you sat in your chair, the waiter handed you the menu.”



“You are what you eat”.

That is a well-known saying having a message that if you eat healthy foods, you are most likely to be healthy. If you like to eat corn chips, you won’t get to look like a corn cob but you’ll certainly be unfit and unhealthy. It is because your body needs a little mash-ups of food.


Good nutrition is essential for everybody, especially for kids and growing teenagers. Which foods are good and which ones are bad? Like they say, small changes can make a big impact.


Now try to consider some of these eating tips to improve your diet:

Tip #1. LESSEN your intake of sugary drinks like soft drinks and energy drinks. They can have a negative effect on your bones and dental health.


Tip #2. TAKE ON water therapy. Drink a few glass of water in the morning the moment you wake up and try adding a slice of lemon for flavor.



Tip #3. Do your best to AVOID junk foods.



Tip #4. EAT your breakfast everyday and don’t skip.



Tip #5. REDUCE the size of your meals. Do your best to avoid the temptations of sweets and fatty foods.



Tip#6. TRY to eat vegetables not just the candies on the table.



Tip #7. Try EXPERIMENTING different foods and recipes. You’ll soon discover that mayonnaise is a perfect blend with tomatoes.



Tip #8. HELP with the groceries and pick low-price healthy food choices.

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Tip#9. TRY to get involve in cooking at home.

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Remember that a diet consisting of healthy meals and snacks will boost your intake of nutrients such as calcium which is required for having strong bones.



If you are the type who likes to take on food tours, be sure the food that you eat has good contributions to your body. Or if you are the type whose already sick of being fat and longs to achieve a curvaceous body, remember that being sexy does not always mean being healthy. Also if you think your friend is cute because she’s fat which you longs for, remember that being fat does not always mean being healthy. Good nutrition does not vary to the kind of body you have.