If your grade school was a bit expecting, stepping up to your high school or maybe entering another school year will surely be more fun and tough. For sure you’ll experience more pressure. Making you wonder on how to start it. Keep it simple, Dude. Just play your cards right and try these tipsy tips to help you:


Step1. Keep your cool and follow the sign.


Entering a new stage can be a bit panicky. But don’t be afraid and keep your cool. First, search your passions and look for activities that suit your interest. Try joining school clubs and activities. Also, try engaging yourself in sports. You never know what you’re capable of until you try them. Take risks positively but be sure to ask the opinions of elders. Stay cool.

Step 2. Be yourself in finding friends.


When you already know what you’re capable of, joining in school activities can be a lot of fun especially if you have friends to talk to. Second, try reaching out to people and stay to the ones whom you’re comfortable to be with. Talk to people you don’t know and try to befriends with them. But don’t expect too much because not all persons are capable of sharing their thoughts. Always keep an open mind.

Step 3. Slowly but surely.


Assuming you have new friends now, and working with them was indeed a lot of fun. Tasks were given at the end of the day. Now, create your list of “to-dos” and be sure to place your home works on the top list. You can do multi-tasking if you want but be sure to take it slowly..but surely. Also, be responsible for responsibilities.

Step 4. Watch out!


Doing your responsibilities can be a great help for yourself and others. But be sure to make an eye for the time. Fourth, learn to budget your time. Watch out of the clock. Don’t spend your time too much of doing an activity that it eats up most of your time. Learn to look at the clock.

Step 5. Do the moves.

You already know your potential, you have gained friends, you knew what your priorities are and learnt to divide your time. Now it’s the time to make your moves. Don’t be afraid to show them what you got. Lastly, start your first day with prayers and a genuine smile will also be a great help to start the school year. Also don’t forget to have fun!


Credits to google.com