Define the word count-the ability to calculate, right? Most often in our lives, we dreamed of being somebody. Physically, we’re simple and happy-go-lucky, but in our heart we wanted to be a “someone”: filling up every bit of expectations by our friends and family, excelling in whatever we do, especially in our stage right now. But sometimes, we see difficulties that might hindrance to our plan. What will you do?

Complain or count?

Let me share this story 101 before I start…though I already started.

Riding on a public vehicle to school one morning, I was caught on a traffic jam. Other passengers complained while I looked out the window. Turning on my left side, a luxurious car suddenly caught my eye…with a maiden inside. Her window was half-open and I can see her long blonde hair hung in limp strings just passing her ears. From there, I can see a side view of her face combined with her fair complexion. I admired her because she seemed perfect as she glanced at me with green eyes. I was mesmerized. From what I saw, maybe she’s a blue-blooded foreigner or a fairytale princess that came out to life. Reaching the school gates…a black car slowly passed my direction. It’s her again, slowly coming out, but hobbling down. She had one leg, wore a crutch and was escorted by a man from the car. Others also looked at her in surprise. She just smiled..and seemed not bothered by her condition. Maybe she’s just a foreign visitor because I haven’t seen her weeks after that.


Challenge, persistence, pain-these are just things that make our world looking like a runner’s circle-round having an unending quest for success. We have several goals in life, thus we compete and strive just to get the goal that we wanted, and sometimes when failure comes to hit us, we suddenly get discouraged to continue. We start to complain of our own stupidity and even blame God for such a thing. But did we ever asked ourselves, “Am I lucky?” Have we noticed the things around us and realized how much lucky we are?

At our stage right now, we can’t deny the fact that we sometimes compare ourselves to other people- which is a normal thing. Admit it guys. But too much of doing such a thing can ruin yourself. That when you look in the mirror, you stared for hours and ask why you look like this and that, why you have this and that. You asked…then complain why you have that potato-nose or that golden teeth. You start to hate yourself because you’re not as “perfect” as your friends or your English doesn’t sound that good, and may end up looking pretty stupid. But try to count what you have and be proud of it, because those are your blessings. It only means that you had what others don’t, thus making you different. God had given us these gifts for a purpose-for us to treasure it and use it well.

Sometimes you complain because your legs are not partners, but haven’t you noticed the man on the streets, walking with just one leg? You don’t like sausages for lunch, but try taking a look at the children out there, pleading and even starving to death. You don’t like your nose, unlike the man who is proud of his Olaf snout. “Nobody’s perfect.”, they say. Let people see them. Be yourself without counting your imperfections. If you have your golden teeth, don’t make it silver… because gold is one of the world’s top desire. Count now because if you don’t, nobody else will. Like what Dr. Seuss had said, “Why fit in when you were born to standout? Your imperfections tell that you, yes you are extraordinary.

Now, remember: Stop complaining, instead start counting.