During the 2016 national elections, a man named Rodrigo Duterte had won the presidency. Months later, several cities with high crime rates lessened. This made Duterte earn high approval ratings, but this also means that the nation is hoping more from what he said ‘change is coming.’


This is what Martin Andanar said in his article entitled, “Approval translates to expectation”, in which he points about the recent high approval ratings of President Rodrigo Duterte’s new administration-a good thing which also leads to the nation’s even higher expectations, and that there is a need for political capital to be invested.

In his opinion in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the President must expend his political capital in order to fuel the change in other areas of the governance. This is to inform the new administration that the good approval ratings translate to high expectations of the concerned citizens of the Republic of the Philippines from the government.


Andanar’s viewpoint was clearly based from the past postelection ranking of Duterte, his yearend surveys wherein he had gained ‘excellent’ job ratings, to his campaign against drugs that brought down the volume of index crimes in just six months, including the President’s initiatives to create allies in the foreign affairs sector, to accommodating excessive demands on the part of the communists just to keep the peace negotiations moving. And to think that during his first half, such outstanding performance of President Duterte had no doubt given several contributions on the country’s local, economic, political and foreign affairs sector.

However, according to Andanar, such high feedback of the people will create more subjects of debate and controversy to the government. As for the reason that there are still quite a few problems that needs to be expected this year, including the mechanism for framing a new constitution from a unitary to a federal form of government, a measure reinstate the death penalty and the comprehensive tax reform package.

Andanar’s sort  of information was based on his own observations, with the help of survey statistics on the recent acts of the Duterte administration wherein he provided a solution by informing the new government as well as the people to work even harder to sustain what the regime had set.

After all, despite always being in a hot subject of criticism, President Duterte has indeed made several changes in the country and with his continuing performance, the nation continues to expect more from him. With that, like what Martin Andanar said, “political capital needs to be invested here.”

Credits to rappler.com