“I really don’t want to take it.”


That’s what most students (of all types) would say, whenever they get to handle the word statistics. According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, statistics is a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of masses of numerical data. Statistics is considered to be a deadly subject, especially to those who have always been terrified with numbers, in which I totally agree.


Statistics is a tough topic, just like Calculus. It can sometimes ruin your game plan. But you don’t have to worry because it’s not just you. There are millions of people out there who probably feels the same way towards Statistics. That’s why I share you these smart tips to help you survive statistics this semester (and the semesters to come)!

Tip #1. Think of Statistics as a challenge.


Do not think bad about Statistics. There is no way we can change it anyhow. Instead, change the way you think and feel about it. Do not take it as a burden. Instead, take it as a challenge to your future self.

Tip #2. Never miss a Class (especially during the first month).


Go to your Statistics class no matter what you feel about it. Listen to your professor and make sure to take down notes, especially  formulas. But be sure not to copy everything from the Powerpoint. Take down only the important details and keywords depending on how you understood the methods. Remember to attend class especially during the first month. Why the first month? It is because all the basics of Statistics are being taught during that first month and surely you don’t want to get left behind. Once you’ve covered up all the basic principles of Statistics, that’s when you get to decide if you still want to skip class or not.

Tip #3. Never hesitate to ask for help.


Whenever you don’t get to understand a certain method, never hesitate to ask your seatmate or professor for clarification. In such ways, you don’t just clarified a procedure, you also gained friends that can help you understand more of the subject anytime.

Tip #4. Do your homework and practice, practice, practice.


Do your statistics homework and don’t get to fall asleep leaving it unfinished. Try to practice making graphs and tables on your own, and also filling up statistical data on your own. In that way you can remember how to solve it easily. But don’t feel bad about solving it because you’re not alone. You are with your calculator and trust me, it can help you with the data.

Tip #5. Don’t memorize the formulas. Instead, study the CONCEPTS.


Don’t memorize formulas. Instead, just familiarize them. What you need to do is to study the concept itself. Like what a teacher said, “Memorization is futile.” Learn the concept and try to apply it, because if you know the concept, you’ll know the formula.

Tip #6. Communicate with others.


Study in triads or groups of students at least once every week. Verbal interchange and interpretation of concepts and skills with other students really cements a greater depth of understanding.

Tip #7. Look for other references.


Look for other statistical sources. Nowadays there are probably several books and online tutorials that features easier methods in solving problems that can be used as references.



Credits to statisticshowto.com