Every student has a special talent and ability to understand things. There are students who are born excellent in calculating numbers mentally, there are those who are naturally good in logical reasoning and arguments, there are those who can easily understand a topic by listening and those who are gifted in memorization.


With the help of guardians and teachers, such abilities can grow further. However not all students are like these, there are those who seek subject attention and find it hard to acquire certain knowledge on a specific subject area which leads the way to remedial programs.



Surely every child or even a full grown adult needs individual attention. They need every possible guidance from their parents and elders to help them grow not just in the classroom but also in the environment. Even though some of them  have learning and attention issues, they still have the right to be learn and be taught.


In the meantime, a remedial program may be just what a child needs to start building his skills and knowledge. Indeed, remedial programs are not so bad after all.



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